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Dried Figs

A sacred, symbolic and mystic fruit in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and in holy books
The latin name of edible fig (F. carica) comes from Caria region in southwest Turkey which had been an active region both in production and trade during 1st millennium B.C.
Dried fig fruit of this superb variety are brownish in color, soft in texture, big in size and rich in nutritious aspects.
Being dried naturally under sun, fruit have low water activity levels that allow longer storage and transportation under ambient conditions.
The dried fig is a very low energy (sun-dried) and water (rain-fed) demanding production with very low carbon footprint and low-input (e.g. pesticides, fertilizers) use
Why we have to choose Turkish Dried Figs
Turkey is the main producing and exporting country of dried figs.
Around 50 % of world production of dried figs takes place in Turkey and almost 2/3 of dried figs exported to world has the origin of Turkey.
The fame of the Turkish figs is due only to the volume in trade but also to the dried fruit quality of delicious Sarılop (also known as Calimyrna) variety.
The white powder that can be seen sometimes on dried figs is a natural sign of the fructose and glucose of the fruit, it is not added from outside.
Dried Figs

Dried Apricots

A large area, which covers Turkistan, Middle Asia, and Western China, is considered to be the motherland of apricots.
Dried apricot is derived from fresh apricot, there are two types:
Natural dried apricots are dried directly under the sunlight and have a light to dark brown color. They are not treated with sulphur dioxide.
Sulphured dried apricots, which are treated with sulphur dioxide (SO2) in order to provide a lighter colouring and a longer shelf life. The colouration is between light yellow and orange.
Dried apricots are often consumed as a snack, and after grading are also mixed with other dried fruit and nuts, as well as being an important ingredient in chocolate snacks, baked cakes and desserts and breakfast cereals. They are usually supplied whole, but can be supplied in halves or slabs.
Why we have to choose Turkish Dried Apricots
Turkey is the major producer and supplier of dried apricots
Turkish apricots are mostly produced in Malatya province known as the "Dried APRICOT Capital of the WORLD"
Dried Apricots